Hadar Levy-Landesberg

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Hadar Levy-Landesberg is a Research Affiliate in The Film and Media Studies Program (FMS) at Yale University.

She received her PhD from The Department of Communication and Journalism at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her dissertation project examined the roles played by sound interfaces in our interactions with and through media. It located sound technologies at pivotal junctures within diverse media ecologies both past and present and revealed their infrastructural qualities, weaving invisible and indispensable networks around their users, and supporting other forms of communication.

Hadar’s current work centers on the intersections between voice and AI-based technologies, thinking historically about the status of voice as signature.

Her research featured in New Media & Society, International Journal of Communication (IJOC), Sound Studies, and Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC).

Research Areas: media studies; history and philosophy of technology; media theory; sound studies; voice and AI; television news

Contact: hadar.levy-landesberg@yale.edu

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