Notes from the Chair

The beginning of a term is always a time full of excitement and possibility. This is how I feel going into fall as the new chair of the Film and Media Studies Program. I look forward to working with colleagues and students to continue—indeed, to expand!—the array of course offerings and events we host. To that end, we are kicking off a multi-year series on “New Voices in Cinema” this September with visits by international directors Julian Radlmaier and Hubert Sauper, among others. We are also starting fall with a conference devoted to the Bengali filmmaker Mrinal Sen (1923-2018); November sees an event dedicated to the French film theorist André Bazin. Finally, media studies will get its well-deserved due with a symposium on “chronopolitics” on Nov. 10 and a talk on “subveillance” on Dec. 5.  

Please feel free to join us for these events and any other of our many convivial gatherings; our Thursday Rough Cut-talks or our Tuesday Teas (3:30-4:30 PM). Explore our course offerings online and be sure to find us during office hours or via email. We are an open and diverse group of scholars and practitioners committed to studying media in all forms as well as to making moving images—and to doing so together with our students of all levels. In our interface-dominated age, we want to supplement our images with face-to-face dialogue.

In short: A heart-felt welcome to the Yale Film and Media Studies Program!

Fatima Naqvi, Chair