The world is awash in moving images, shot on cell phones and mammoth sound stages, accumulating in vast archives on the internet and in climate-controlled vaults, images of nearly everything from everywhere –evanescent home movies, artistic masterworks, guilty pleasures, and essential documents. Film and Media Studies gives students the tools necessary to grapple with the decisive media of the past 100 years – from film to television to the platform-agnostic digital images of today.  That knowledge is critical and practical, analytic and experimental, historical and theoretical.  Students who major in Film and Media Studies learn how to make and how to analyze films and digital images, usually beginning with a core course in film grammar before moving on to look at the new media.  As an interdisciplinary program, Film and Media Studies draws on courses from Art to Anthropology to Slavic to American Studies.  But wherever the courses originate, students work closely with a dedicated group of world-renowned faculty, and with each other.