Annual Film Studies Conference

The Film Studies Program has organized a major conference annually since the inauguration of its graduate program.  These conferences link our discipline to others on campus both to increase funding and participation and to explore topics that respond best to interdisciplinary examination. Keynote speakers and participants have come from around North America and from across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  Graduate students have frequently served as discussants on panels and as assistants in logistics.

Year Title
2016 Chinese Cinema: To and Beyond Hollywood
2015 Postwar Journals in France: The Bazin Era
2014 Tracking Specificity: The Fluctuations of Cinema
2013 Return to Biarritz: Hot film in a Cold War
2012 The Dialects and Dialectics of Subtitles
2011 Fantomas: A Centenary Celebration
2010 Cinema and the Shoah
2010 The Avant-Garde in the Indian New Wave
2009 Opening Bazin-Ouvrir Bazin (Paris-Diderot, Nov 22-26; New Haven, Dec 3-6)
2008 The Human Figure: Painting, Cinema, Photograph
2007 The Transnational Orson Welles
2006 What is Theater in What is Cinema?
2004 Taiwan’s New Cinema: Local Image, Global Context
2003 No Man’s Land, Everyone’s Image: Cinema in the Balkans
2002 The Face of Another: Japanese Cinema and Alterity
2001 The Theater of Irish Cinema