Regina Karl

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Education History

B.A. Comparative Literature and French Literature, LMU Munich
M.A. Comparative Literature and Art History, LMU Munich
ENS Paris


As editor:

Unbedingte Universitäten (Ed.), Was passiert? Stellungnahmen zur Lage der Universität, Diaphanes, Zürich/Berlin, 2010. (What is Happening? Opinions on the Situation of the University)

Unbedingte Universitäten (Ed.), Was ist Universität? Texte und Positionen zu einer Idee, Diaphanes, Zürich/Berlin, 2010. (What is University? Texts and Positions on an Idea)

As translator:

Judith Butler, Kritik, Dissens, Disziplinarität, trans. Regina Karl, Vera Kaulbarsch, Elias Kreuzmair, Adrian Renner, Diaphanes, Zürich/Berlin, 2011.

Jean-Claude Milner, Das klare Werk. Lacan – die Wissenschaft – die Philosophie, trans. Regina Karl, Anna Sophie Luhn, Turia&Kant, Wien, 2013.

Karen Feldman, “Das zeitliche Beiseite: „Transzendentale Buffonerie“ in zwei Werken Novalis’“, trans. Regina Karl, in: Die Aktualität der Romantik, ed. Michael Forster, Klaus Vieweg, Lit Verlag, Berlin, 2012.

Albert Ascoli, “Vox Populi”: Machiavelli, Opinione, and the Popolo, from the Principe to the Istorie Fiorentin. 


Regina joined the German Department and the program in Film Studies in 2013. She earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Comparative Literature and History of Art from Ludwig Maximilian University Munich while also having studied at Sorbonne and École Normale Supérieure Paris. In 2011, Regina spent a year as visiting researcher at UC Berkeley. She wrote her master thesis on “Poetics of the Hand in Paul Valéry,” the hand and its poetic implications still being her main research interests. Other fields of interest include questions of psychoanalysis and film/literature, embodiment and textuality as well as the aesthetics of modern media. More recent work of hers is concerned with the idyllic, techniques of montage and the concept of essay film.