Nicholas Berrettini

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Graduate School Student

Nicholas Berrettini is a Ph.D. student in Italian and Film and Media Studies at Yale University. He completed his BA in Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. After Penn, Nicholas earned his MA in Italian Studies with a focus in Film and Media Studies from Middlebury College.

At Yale, Nicholas hopes to explore his research interests, which consider on-screen representations of urban and peri-urban decay, transmedia storytelling, and the implications of new media in contemporary Italy. He also has secondary interests related to the role of technology in foreign language pedagogy and media literacy. Nicholas has collaborated with the Italian journals Fata Morgana Web, Il lavoro culturale, and currently serves on the editorial staff of the film journal Cinema et Cie.

Most recently, he published a piece in Scaffale aperto and is currently working on a book chapter entitled “The Godfather Aficionados and The White Lotus Eaters: Cinematic Tourism in Taormina” for a collection of essays on The Godfather film franchise.