Chaorong Hua

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Education History

BA Nanjing (English)
MA Nanjing (English)
MA Concordia, Montreal (Film Studies)

Chaorong is a PhD candidate in the combined program of Film & Media Studies and Comparative Literature at Yale University. With a focus on philosophy/theories of cinema, media, and literature, his research covers areas such as world cinema and media, Science Fiction, Early Modern global encounters, moving images in relation to nature and landscape. He has special interests in aesthetics and the tradition of phenomenology (esp. Husserl, Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger, Sartre, Derrida, and Marion, etc.) as well as alternative philosophical traditions. In addition, he is also involved in studies in narrative theories, semiotics, and embodied cognitive sciences. The central topics of his research have been: animal (post-humanism), exploration, image, and “world”.

His recent publications can be found in

“The Posthuman Bazin?” Discourse 43, no.3 (2021): 447-63. (

Lapian: The Disseminated Professionalism and the Co-constituted World,” Journal of Chinese Cinemas 15 no. 2-3 (2021): 139-47. (