Complexities of Resistance: Partisan Films from Eastern Europe and the Balkans Film Series

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Thursday, October 26, 2023 - 7:00pm
Humanities Quadrangle L01 See map
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Thursday, October 26, 7 pm. Double feature!

The Bride and the Curfew (Nusja dhe shtetrrethimi). Albania, 1978. 52 minutes. Directed by Kristaq Mitro and Ibrahim Muçaj. Digital file. Albanian Film Archive, Tirana.

The Bride and the Curfew stands out from other Albanian films of the period through its focus on a single partisan woman, who finds a novel way of escaping from (and, of course, punishing) the occupying Germans.

Conscience (Sovist). Ukrainian SSR, 1968. 75 minutes. Directed by Vladimir Denisenko. Digital file. Dovzhenko Film Archive, Kyiv.

After two young partisans kill a Nazi officer in an occupied Ukrainian village, the invaders make an impossible demand: either turn over the perpetrators, or all the inhabitants of the village will be slaughtered. Too radical for its time, Conscience attained its status as a Ukrainian film classic only during the Perestroika years.