Chronopolitics: A Symposium

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Friday, November 10, 2023 - 12:30pm
Humanities Quadrangle: 134 See map
320 York Street
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Chronopolitics: A Symposium

How might thinking through different temporalities offer us new insights into big issues: environmental change, armed conflict, historical narrativization? What can renewed attention to temporal scales—as ambivalent as the notion of scale might be, with its implicit suggestion of a top-down hierarchy—do for our understanding of an event? Can it help us rethink chronologies, synchronicity, and connectivity in our mediatized age?

Join us for an afternoon with some of the foremost thinkers on cultural techniques, media theory, resonance and the moving image, Professors Geoff Winthrop-Young and Lutz Koepnick, as we debate these issues.

Geoff Winthrop-Young (University of British Columbia): “Scorched Time: On the Nazi Chronobscene” 2:30 PM

Lutz Koepnick (Vanderbilt University): “Art on Ice: Echoes of a Post-Glacial Aesthetic.