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I am a historian with special emphasis on qualitative methodologies, including the use of case studies, oral histories, archival materials, structured and unstructured interviews, and open-ended surveys. My long-term interest in the unparalleled importance of an education rich in critical thinking has led me to encourage students to be resourceful and inquisitive as they delve deep into their subjects of interest. These methodological approaches have long motivated students to pursue and build upon their original thinking and interpretation.
Drawing upon my extensive professional experience in the film industry, I also incorporate practical applications in my work as a lecturer, scholar and film historian. This includes the workings of the screenwriting process and the decision-making dynamics of the film industry. Thus, in my teaching, I advocate for interdisciplinary collaborations encouraging students to bridge the divide and find useful ways to synthesize the knowledge gained in the classroom and in academic research with the experience of working in the industry. As my own research interests are diverse, I also encourage students to be intellectually curious and not to limit themselves to one realm of knowledge building. This helps them prepare for their future educational and career paths.
Ph.D. University of East Anglia
M.A. University of Cambridge, Economics & Political Science
M.A. Biography and Creative non-fiction writing, University of East Anglia
B.A. University of Cambridge, Economics & Political Science