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Genealogies of the Excessive Screen

Genealogies of the Excessive Screen is a project supported by a Mellon Sawyer grant that looks to examine the proliferation and transformation of screens in contemporary culture in a new historical light. The aim is to construct an interdisciplinary genealogical investigation that would recover and rethink an environmental history of screens.

Co-organized by Yale professors Francesco Casetti, Rüdiger Campe, and Craig Buckley, the initiative challenges the idea that the present proliferation of media screens represents an expansion of models derived from the movie screen. Up to the middle of the 19th century, screens denoted a wide range of environmental elements and functions, from furniture that protected against heat, cold, and wind, to spatial partitions, surfaces concealing the presence of observers, legal protections, false architectural facades, the diversionary maneuvers of soldiers, hunting blinds, psychic as well as physical membranes, and more. By the end of the century, screens had primarily come to denote an optical surface associated with projected images. What effect did this consolidation of the optical screen, and the loss of this more diverse environmental gamut of screens, have on our capacity think about screens? The project invites scholars to reconsider the obscured, eccentric, and diverse environmental manifestations of the screen, and asks how recovering this lost environmental history might enable us to rethink the problem of the screen today.

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February 15th: Nicole Starosielski

March 30th:Richard Grusin 

Media Intimacy: The Annual Graduate Student Film & Media Conference

February 18th & 19th

Keynote Speaker: Ara Osterweil (McGill University)

The Colloquium Film Series

The Colloquium Silent Gala

The Mellon Sawyer Seminar: Genealogies of the Excessive Screen

February 15th-17th & April 19th-21st

The Annual Film and Media Studies Award

The Reni Celeste Lecture

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Rough Cut: Spring Semester schedule

Wednesday, Feb 15, 5:30, 212 York Street, Nicole Starosielski (Assistant Professor of Media, Culture and Communication, NYU)

Thursday, March 2, 5:30, 212 York Street, Pre-SCMS talks

Thursday, March 30, 5:30, 212 York Street, Richard Grusin (Professor of English, University of Wisconsin)

Thursday, April 13,  5:30, 212 York Street, Luca Peretti, response TBD

Wednesday, April 27,  5:30, 212 York Street, Moira Weigel, response by Prof. Wai Chee Dimock