Carolyn Jacobs

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First Year Student

Education History

BA, Film Studies, Connecticut College
MA, Film Studies, Columbia University

Research Interests

Non-theatrical film; cinema and the built environment; American cinema and popular culture; film historiography; women and the silent screen


Carolyn Jacobs joined the departments of Film and Media Studies and American Studies in 2015. Carolyn earned a BA in Film Studies, with a minor in French, at Connecticut College. Before coming to Yale, Carolyn completed a Master’s degree in Film Studies at Columbia University. Her Master’s thesis considered the use of film in “Americanization” programs in the early twentieth century, looking specifically at a plan to exhibit films to immigrant spectators on ocean liners in the 1920s. While at Columbia, Carolyn worked as a fellow at the Women Film Pioneers Project and as a curriculum designer at the non-profit React to Film. Carolyn is interested in American cinema and cultural history, non-theatrical film, and the relationship between cinema and the built environment.